Innovative Solutions

Experienced companies rely on PLCs Plus to maximize up-time and profitability. Our experience ranges across a variety of industries and disciplines.


PLCs Plus works with industry leaders like Chevron, CRC, Aera Energy, Vintage Petroleum and ConocoPhillips to help them maximize production and reduce costs.


Our experience includes in-depth SCADA, PLC, HMI programming, PLC programming, historical logging and database applications. We also have extensive design experience including control systems, electrical design and project management in the following areas:

Oil Production

• Automatic Well Test Systems

Oil and Water Separation

• Oil Separation Plants

• Water Separation/ Filtration Plants

LACT Units

Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems

• Steam Injection Systems

• Water Injection

Gas Compression Systems

• Vapor Recovery Systems

• Production Gas Gathering and Compression Systems

Cogeneration Systems

Steam Generation Systems

Various Refining Processes

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